• Price: £5.99

 S.O.G. 3 inch 1/2 Serrated Blade

Can't decide between a straight or serrated blade? Then get the best of both worlds with our 3 inch half-serrated blade component.

  • Price: £13.99

The SOG Fire started/sharpener has a glass reinforced nylon handle, a length of 4.2 in.

  • Price: £62.99

S.O.G Aegis Folding Knife Plain

  • Price: £43.99

The S.O.G battle throwing axe evokes its origins from medieval times, which some might consider to be the present.

  • Price: £56.99

Not often are we able to bring you what we feel is so new, so functional, and so outside the box that it is a game changer! Enter: BladeLight.

  • Price: £13.99

The CrossCut is a precision instrument for cutting, gripping, personal care and the unexpected. SOG's gear driven Compound Leverage™ allows for big-sized cutting power to be truly miniaturized.

  • Price: £49.99

SOG Double Hawk. 16 1/2" overall. 7 1/2" black finish 420 stainless axe head with 3 1/4 cutting edge on each side. Black polymer handle with knurled grip. Black nylon belt sheath

  • Price: £51.99

The S.O.G double handed axe features a head length of 8.25 in. with a 3.25 in. edge and an overall length of 17.25 in.

  • Price: £12.99

This S.O.G entrenching tool features an all steel construction with a tempered steel blade.

  • Price: £36.99

Don’t know about you, but the world seems to be getting more complicated. The Escape acknowledges this and provides a solution for you.

  • Price: £33.99

The S.O.G FastHawk come with a 6.5 in. head length with a 2 in. edge, composed of 420 stainless steel with a black oxide coating.

  • Price: £47.99

S.O.G FastHawk, Polished With Molded Hard Nylon Sheath

  • Price: £37.99

The Fixation comes with a 6.6 in. dual edged, combo dagger with a black oxide finish, a kraton handle, stainless steel crossguard and pommel, an overall length of 11.8 in.



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